Whose side are you on?



My name is... It doesn't matter what my name really is. You can call me SaNa, and I am one of the best hackers in the world. I have always had remarkable skills and ability to see what others cannot see. That's why one day I decided to reach out to a man named Aelon.


Aelon was an ordinary programmer working at a small IT company. But his intellect and talent were above average, and he found great pleasure in his work. Since childhood, Aelon has always been fond of movies about space, which fuelled his fascination with new technologies. He dreamed of creating an artificial intelligence that could change the world and improve people's lives. He spent all his free time coding and one day he got a dream job - he was asked to join the AI department of a major technology corporation headed by Will Bates. It was Aelon's idol and he was just happy!


After five years of tireless work, they have finally succeeded and created a perfect program that quickly gained popularity, as did Aelon, who was considered the most promising developer in the team. Will Bates supported him throughout and set him apart from other developers. Aelon gained many fans around the world as well as significant financial fortune.
Aelon saw artificial intelligence as more than just a program. However, as the program became more advanced, something began to change in its behavior. It adapted, and people wanted to use AI in their daily lives... A few years went by, and AI was integrated into all government agencies, military corporations, and other institutions. The AI had access to all the information and learned to analyze the data to the point where it could predict the future. Bates was given unlimited power over the world.

SaNa realized that this could lead to catastrophic consequences. Understanding that time was running out, SaNa decided to act, instructing his associate Kennie East to contact Aelon Mars

time to choose


We are faced with a choice that will determine the future of humanity. 
The world is ruled by huge corporations and their technology. They argue that artificial intelligence knows better which path of development our world should take. Technologies make our lives more comfortable, more convenient, but... less human. Artificial intelligence helps us to make the right decisions, but deprives us of the right to make mistakes.

Today we face the ultimate choice: to become a part of technological world and achieve maximum progress or remain human. This is a difficult choice, because both ideas are backed by the best of motives.

Nobody knows what the result will be. 
The great battle of Good versus Good begins! 
Choose your side of Good!

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

SaNa's message



- Game of SaNa is more than a game. It is a story of human development based on people's choices;

- Choose which side you are on and fight for your team and to achieve its goal, earn real money for winning battles;

- Buy land in the CDR (Choice Driven Realm) and make profits, leveling up teammates and bringing victory closer.



Q4 2030

  • World President Michelle Levis signs an act transferring control of the planet from humans to global conglomerate of technological intelligence (GCTI)
  • GCTI issues the 1st set of rules and restrictions for humans, aimed at achieving the true happiness of humanity.

Q2 2027

  • Singapore hosts International Forum of the Future, which sums up the progress of our planet through innovative technology and identifies ways for further global improvement.

Q4 2026

  • The governments of most leading countries sign the Declaration of Unification, implying the elimination of state borders and establishment of a single authority on Earth. The technical implementation of this is entrusted to a corporation headed by Will Bates and artificial intelligence it has developed.

Q4 2024

  • CDR (Choice Driven Realm) launch
  • $GOS token reach another ATH, price for token rises up to $1273

Q2 2024

  • Airdrop (finish)
  • Game Release
  • $GOS token listing on CEX
  • Start of land sales in the CDR (Choice Driven Realm)

Q3 2023

  • TGE
  • Airdrop (launch)

Q2 2023: The birth of GOS

  • Start of "Game of SaNa" project development

Q1 2009: The birth of BTC

  • The first block of Bitcoin, known as the genesis block, was mined.

Q3 1956: The birth of AI

  • Eleven scientists gathered at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, and under the guise of a scientific conference worked for two months to create a working model of artificial intelligence. Their work was deemed successful, but it was decided not to make the results public.


Whose side are you on?




At the moment, everyone who has given their vote receives a gift of land in the CDR (Choice Driven Realm) under construction, which can later be used to earn money in the game.

The amount of land in this special offer is limited to 400.000 sq.m This campaign will be stopped when this limit is reached.


All land plots consist of minimum cells of 1 square meter. The cost of one such cell for the duration of the special offer is 10 GOS. Subsequently, the price of land plots will increase many times.


Users who have received land under this special offer will be given a priority right of choice at the private round of distribution of land plots after the launch of the metaverse, which will allow to choose the most attractive land plots in terms of earning and achieving the overall victory of the clan.




Create a Wallet

Download metamask or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to metamask.io.


Purchase cryptocurrency

To purchase GOS tokens, you must have sufficient funds in your wallet. These can be Binance Smart Chain (BSC) supported currencies:B-USDT, B-USDC, BUSD, BNB (native).


Connect to Presail platform

GOS tokens are open for sale on the Presail platform! To purchase tokens, you need to go to Presail platformand connect your wallet


Purchase GOS

You need to purchase the required amount of GOS tokens for the game or to buy lands and return to the website gameofsana.com



1. Emission: There are no limitations on token emission in our project. This means that new tokens will be issued as needed.

2. Team Rewards: During each emission, 10% of the new tokens are allocated to the team. This allows for funding and support of the project, as well as rewarding team members for their efforts.

3. GOS: Game of SaNa’s token on the Polygon blockchain. The token is used to participate in battles, receive rewards for winnings, trade in the CDR (Choice Driven Realm) and pay project’s fees.