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Welcome to TST

Your source for reliable and profitable investments in the world of cryptocurrencies! Our organization was founded with a clear mission to fund decentralized projects that will not only transform the industry, but also open new horizons of opportunity for all.

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We use smart contracts that guarantee transparency, autonomy and reliability in every operation


Our team consists of professionals with experience in crypto projects, development and marketing

One of a kind

Our project provides a unique gamefi experience consisting of competitive turn-based battles with other players

Choice Driven Realm

New concept in web3! Everything depends on choices made by community: development of the story, future updates and land use

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What we're investing in


Currently, we are proud to support the release of GOS tokens for the exciting Game of SaNa and its evolving Choice Driven Realm (CDR). This project promises not only an amazing gaming experience, but also significant opportunities for investors.

We invite all interested investors to apply for our investment rounds. The minimum investment amount is $5000, and this is a great opportunity to enter the world of cryptocurrency investments with a reliable partner.


Timeless Steel Treasury is committed to making the world of cryptocurrency investing more accessible and safe for everyone. We are waiting for you to create the future of financial opportunity together!

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